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What is Clinic Law

Clinic law, sometimes referred to as "poverty law," means the areas of law which particularly affect low-income individuals or disadvantaged communities, including legal matters related to housing and shelter, income maintenance, entitlement to social assistance and other similar government programs.

Most of our work deals with helping people to meet their most basic needs—a source of income and a roof over their heads.

Our clients are those living with physical and mental disabilities, single mothers, recent immigrants, the elderly, victims of abuse and members of other historically disadvantaged groups.

Halton Community Legal Services provides legal help for issues that include:

  • Eviction
  • Rent arrears
  • Rent subsidy revocations
  • Repair problems
  • Entitlement to disability benefits under the Canada Pension Plan and the Ontario Disability Support Program
  • Entitlement to Ontario Works financial assistance
  • Quit/Fire disqualifications for employment insurance
  • Termination pay disputes and other Employment Standards problems
  • Human Rights violations
  • Employment Standards

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