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Service Charter for the Legal Secondary Consultation Service

The purpose of Halton Community Legal Service’s Legal Secondary Consultation Service is to:

  • provide legal information and advice to non-legal professionals working for community social service agencies and organizations in Halton to support them to assist their clients with legal issues
  • support community-based intermediaries using the Legal Health Check- Up
  • build the capacity and knowledge of community partners to recognize when their clients have legal problems
  • expand legal services to the community that will directly benefit more clients and answer unmet client need.The Legal Secondary Consultation Service can be accessed by phone or e-mail and is staffed by lawyer Giulia Reinhardt.

Phone: 905-875-2069

This is a new approach to helping the community that Halton Community Legal Services is developing to better identify problems and provide people with the legal help they need. The information that is collected through the Legal Secondary Consultation process will be used for research purposes to help evaluate how well this approach is working and how to improve it. Reports based on the information may be made public. No identifying information will be disclosed and the information will not be used in a way that would allow an individual to be identified in any public document.


Our service commitment

Assistance provided by the Legal Secondary Consultation Service will be:

  • easily accessible
  • practical and useful
  • high quality legal expertise
  • responsive to the needs of you and your client
  • immediate and timely

What you can expect:

  • clear, understandable and relevant legal advice and information that answers your questions, increases your knowledge and assists your client
  • practical reasons for the advice given and reasonable alternatives if needed
  • services delivered in the spirit of partnership, collaboration and cooperation
  • ethical and professional advice and information
  • referral to other community services if the help needed falls outside of the clinic’s areas of practice

How you can assist us during a call to the Service:

  • tell us how we can assist you and your client
  • tell us about any limitations associated with what you are calling about such as time deadlines, resource constraints or lack of experience in the area
  • when calling about a client’s case, provide as much information as possible about the circumstances of the issue, including deadlines
  • ask any questions you have about the supplied information or advice
  • let us know if your client will or will likely be contacting the clinic
  • let us know of any changes in your contact information

Complaints and feedback

We appreciate any feedback to maintain and improve our service delivery. If you have a complaint about the Legal Secondary Consultation Service, or feel you have not been treated in accordance with this service charter, please contact the clinic at (905) 875-2069 or email