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About Eligibility

Legal Aid Ontario assists more than one million low-income people every year, who would not otherwise receive legal assistance when their homes, families, incomes or freedom are in jeopardy.

If you need help with a legal problem and cannot afford a lawyer there are legal services that are available in your community. This is what people think of as legal aid. These services are publicly funded and to receive the legal services you want, you must qualify financially to get legal aid and the kind of legal problem that you have must be covered by legal aid.

Legal Aid Ontario (LAO), an independent but publicly funded and publicly accountable non-profit corporation, has the responsibility to administer the province’s legal aid program.

Legal Aid Ontario has different programs that deliver legal services in different ways. Some of the different programs are the Certificate Program, Duty Counsel, Advice Lawyers, Family Law Information Centres, Criminal Law Offices and Community Legal Clinics.

Halton Community Legal Services is a community legal clinic. We provide clinic law services. More information

Need help with family and criminal law? Our legal clinic cannot help with family law and criminal law problems but we can make referrals to other legal services that can. Where to get help with Family Law, Where to get help with Criminal Law.

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